The Summer Work Study and Internship Program (SWSIP) at Saint 旅客 offers a great opportunity to expand your knowledge, 获得宝贵的现实世界的专业经验, 扩展你的简历. All of the funds earned 在 your internship will go toward your tuition at Saint 旅客.


这个项目是为有经济需要的学生设计的. 所有申请人必须填写 圣维塔学费援助申请 才有资格参加这个项目. 因为实习项目的专业水平和我们的合作伙伴, we are seeking students who have a high level of maturity and a history of exceptional academic performance and attendance. 可提供的职位数量有限, 优先考虑升二年级的学生, 初中, 以及目前在圣卫道注册的高年级学生. Incoming freshmen are encouraged to submit up to two letters of recommendation to be considered for the program.


You will meet with the director of the SWSIP to get an overview of the program, 分享一些你的职业兴趣. You will have the opportunity to work at one of our partner organizations based on your location and your goals. 一旦你被录取了, you’ll interview with the hiring manager of your internship site and they will discuss the job expectations, 包括公司的着装要求和你的工作时间.

The internship will include 240 total work-study hours over the course of a 6-week period. (你将每天工作8小时,每周工作5天,完成分配的任务.)职位各不相同,过去的参与者曾在医疗部门工作, 金融和法律领域以及技术领域, 表演艺术, 非营利性的, 市场营销, 还有更多类型的组织.


Students may earn up to $3,000 tax-free toward tuition for the upcoming academic year. 在你完成暑期课程之后, 学费报销将在秋季记入你的学生账户.


If you are a business that would benefit from having a Saint 旅客 intern, please let us know. 我们一直在寻找新的合作伙伴组织. 你不仅会得到额外的支持来完成各种任务, but you’ll be helping prepare the next generation of young professionals in your community.



  • 获得对特定职业的理解
  • 了解与他人合作并达成目标是什么感觉
  • 提高你的时间管理和组织能力
  • 发展专业关系
  • 开始为你的职业建立关系网
  • 获得能力和技能,成为有价值的员工
  • 找出你感兴趣的
  • 花时间做一些有趣和有益的事情


欲了解更多ag亚游app网站成为商业伙伴的信息,请发送电子邮件 svcwsp@schreibschmiede.net.



  • 亚瑟J. 加拉格尔 & Co.

    亚瑟J. 加拉格尔 & Co. 是提供保险的国际销售和营销公司吗, 风险管理和咨询服务. 加拉格尔 is made up of specialties and practices that deliver outstanding solutions in a range of 服务 for businesses, 社区和人民. This company’s mission is to provide cost-effective 风险管理 products and 服务 while continuing to strive for the highest excellence.
  • 贝塞斯达康复和老年护理中心

    贝塞斯达康复和老年护理中心 houses senior residents, helping individuals live an independent and full life. 贝塞斯达康复和老年护理是一个平等住房机会设施. Bethesda’s mission is to provide a place of comfort and security for older adults in the spirit of Christian faith. 
  • 西北天主教慈善机构

    西北天主教慈善机构 fulfills the Church's role in the mission of charity to anyone in need by providing compassionate and professional 服务 that strengthen and support individuals, 家庭, 以及以人类生命的价值和尊严为基础的社区. 天主教慈善事业包括:帮助儿童和家庭, 加强社区, 提供房屋服务, 为老年人提供帮助. 正如基督向有需要的人伸出援手, Catholic Charities does the same with the goal of transforming lives for the better.
  • Guidant财富顾问

    Guidant财富顾问 提供财务和退休计划, 投资发展, 生存计划, 税收策略, 风险管理, 还有遗产规划. Guidant财富顾问 operates according to a code of ethics and is guided by a set of principles 在 all market conditions to remain honorable and trustworthy. Their mission is to deliver customized 服务 that address the customers financial needs.
  • J&E . Duff公司.

    J&E . Duff公司. 提供优质的砌筑施工. They are committed to excellence in masonry construction and providing the greatest customer satisfaction.
  • 回家的路

    回家的路 提供庇护, 服务, and housing to those who are homeless or​ at risk of becoming homeless in suburban Cook County. 该机构由PADS庇护计划组成, 希望中心支持服务计划, and the Pathways Housing Readiness Program—all focused on assisting those in need. 旅程的使命是单独评估和服务客户, 同时扩大社区的认识和参与. 
  • 凯莱赫 & 巴克利,有限责任公司

    凯莱赫 & 巴克利,有限责任公司 provides a wide range of legal 服务 to individual and business clients in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. 凯莱赫 & 巴克利,有限责任公司是一家专注于遗嘱的全方位服务律师事务所, 信托基金, 遗嘱认证, 地产, 房地产, 商业组织策划, 和诉讼. They provide clients with cost-effective legal 服务 targeted to their specific legal requirements.
  • 大都会演艺

    大都会演艺 是阿灵顿高地市中心的一家非盈利社区剧院吗. The Metropolis School of Performing Arts enriches the lives of thousands of students ranging from 3 years to 70 years old. The school curates an arts curriculum for students of all ages including those with special and different needs. They host hundreds of produced and presented performances each year including a Main Stage subscription series as well as concerts, 喜剧, 和歌舞厅.
  • 中西部青光眼中心

    中西部青光眼中心 肩负着拯救眼疾患者视力的使命. 他们专注于提供最高质量的护理, 建立在突破性的科学研究和最好的医疗技术.
  • 可行业

    可行业 provides a wide range of quality HVAC solutions and mechanical systems while serving commercial, 机构, 以及芝加哥地区的工业市场. They offer cost-effective construction 服务 and projects with engineering that utilizes 3D capabilities.
  • 西北社区医疗

    西北社区医疗 提供国家认可的医生, 先进的技术, 并提供全方位的专科住院和门诊服务. The NCH mission is to improve the health of the communities they serve and to meet individuals’ healthcare needs.
  • 诺伍德人寿协会

    诺伍德人寿协会 is a 非营利性的 senior living community located in Chicago’s Norwood Park neighborhood. They specialize in assisted living, skilled nursing, rehab, respite stays, and memory support. 
  • 玫瑰包装公司

    玫瑰包装公司 has been producing the highest quality products for both domestic and international markets. 他们的产品是最好的, 增值猪肉, 火鸡, 鸡, 以及市场上的牛肉产品.
  • 敬礼,公司.

    敬礼,公司. delivers short-term financial assistance to bridge the temporary income gaps and meet the basic needs of post-9/11 veterans. Salute works individually with each applicant to determine how they might offer assistance. The most common requests are for help with housing, car, grocery, and utility bills.
  • 汤姆斯王

    汤姆斯王 在伊利诺伊州拥有并经营130多家汉堡王®餐厅, 俄亥俄州, 北卡罗莱纳, 宾西法尼亚, 和维吉尼亚州, 4人以上,000名团队成员. 他们已成长为十大汉堡王®特许经营商之一.
  • 地球村

    地球村 IT Staffing is a staffing firm that is an agile and invaluable recruiting partner to their consultants and clients working with all strategic procurement models. Their comprehensive recruiting practices ensure the right fit for a variety of short-term and long-term positions.
  • UHY-Advisors

    UHY顾问 是美国顶尖的专业服务公司之一.S., and UHY International is one of the largest accounting networks in the world. They provide audit and attest 服务 through UHY LLP, a licensed independent CPA firm. 为什么顾问公司. 其子公司提供税务和商业咨询服务.
  • 伍尔特贝尔供应公司

    北贝尔供应公司 is one of the nation's leading specialty wholesale distributors to the woodworking industry, offering an extensive inventory of decorative and functional hardware and fittings, 工具, 商店供应, 堆焊材料, 以及板材和面板产品. Their mission is continued commitment to excellence in all aspects of their service to customers – before, 在, 在出售之后.
位于阿灵顿高地, IL, 圣卫道高中是一所私立学校, 男女同校的, 天主教学校9-12年级. 学生受益于具有挑战性的学术课程, 美术及表演艺术, 竞争激烈的体育运动, 还有丰富的课外活动可供选择.